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Grand Rapids Counselor
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Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI

We make finding the right counselor easy. It is very important to find the right counselor for your needs. Each of our counselors is highly trained and have multiple areas of expertise. Check out our counselor profiles or search by specialty and service

We help with the following concerns (and more! Just ask.): Anxiety, Phobia, Depression, Family Conflicts, Relationship and Marriage Problems, Behavioral Issues, Trauma and PTSD, Women’s Issues, Childhood Emotional Problems, Child's Behavioral Issues, Major Life Changes, Chronic Illness and Pain, Separation and Divorce, Death and Loss of a Loved one, Family Conflict, Grief and Loss, Teenager Issues, Substance Abuse, Recovery from Abuse, Cutting or Self-Harm, Sexual Addiction, Natural Solutions for Mental Health, Quitting Smoking, and Managing Stress. Learn more here.

Does counseling work? 

"Research demonstrates that psychotherapy is effective for a variety of mental and behavioral health issues and across a spectrum of population groups. The average effects of psychotherapy are larger than the effects produced by many medical treatments. Large multi-site and meta-analytic studies have demonstrated that psychotherapy reduces disability, morbidity and mortality; improves work functioning; and decreases psychiatric hospitalization. Psychotherapy teaches patients life skills that last beyond the course of treatment. The results of psychotherapy tend to last longer than psychopharmacological treatments and rarely produce harmful side effects." (American Psychological Association, 2012). For more facts, read the full article entitled "Why Counseling?"


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